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Film forming solutions and sprays is an attractive approach in transdermal dosage form. In this the polymeric solution is applied to the skin as a liquid or sprayed on the skin and forms an almost transparent film by solvent evaporation. 

What is an example of transdermal?
Some examples of transdermal patches on the market that are applied to the skin of the trunk or the arm are Duragesic® (fentanyl), Androderm® (testosterone), Nitrodisc® (Nitroglycerine), Habitraol® (nicotine), Catapres-TTS® (clonidine), and Nicotrol® (nicotine).
What are transdermal products?
Transdermal drug products are administered to the skin, through which the drugs permeate into the systemic circulation and are delivered throughout the body to the site of action. Transdermal products are most frequently developed as transdermal delivery systems (TDS), also known as patches.